Traffic movements is one of the most economical activities of modern people. Traffic medicine is an interdisciplinary field that has medicine, psychology, research and accident and vehicle type, it includes all those activities aimed at reducing harm from traffic crashes. Worldwide, 1.35 million people die each year, with 3,700 people dying globally every dayroad traffic injury will continue is required to have the fifth cause of death by 2030.

In road traffic accidents involving vehicles, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks or pedestrians, and more than half of the others injured their feet, motorcyclists and cyclists.

Traffic medicine as terminology has been used for 40 years by the International Association for Traffic Accident Medicine founded in 1960 in San Remo, Italy.

Traffic medicine has found all those activities that aim to reduce traffic collision injuries and is a big part of worldwide public health and whitewashed traffic accidents as the leading causes of deaths of victims in road traffic accidents and accompanied by severe social and economic consequences.

World Road Safety Day was marked on April 7, 2004 when hundreds of associations organized events to raise awareness and damage to road traffic as a global health problem.

Mobilizing the government and other institutions, civil society has aimed to damage traffic, invalidity and mortality in road accidents. The government will implement stricter measures to reduce road traffic injuries through health promotion campaigns, consolidating the injury monitoring system and mobilizing various sectors at all levels of society.

The governments of most countries welcome the report of the WHO, the World Bank on the prevention of road traffic injuries, while respecting the implementation of the requirements in the previously visible measure.

Road accidents understood one of the three major public health problems in every country of the world. This worrying global issue, we are very aware of the fact that the effective and mandatory prevention of injuries and deaths in road traffic can only manage to enable multisectoral coordination.

The lack of an infrastructure to be included in our city, along with me or the lack of a regulated regulatory framework, made it even more demanding exponentially the number of accidents in road traffic.

In this way, we are aware that a campaign should be involved not only in public and education, but also as strict law enforcement measures.

After all, transportation is increasingly associated with road accidents and premature deaths, the invalidity of physics and psychology, but so significant is the increase in the cost of health care services and the burden of public funding, and the development of the situation of also made more by rapid and unplanned urbanization. In order to prevent the incidence and fatal road accidents in the country, it is what professionals care about citizens to know how to provide first aid, basic care, how to treat a victim of road accident at the scene With Recognition of first aid and basic care basics would certainly like a time purchase to save the lives of victims in accidents and road traffic.


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