Introduction: There are several definitions for polytrauma but ultimately express a common idea. Polytrauma is called simultaneous damage of more than one part of the body, which consequently leads to disturbance of the function of more than one organ system or as a result of the action of a natural external agent.

Purpose: Achieving a more complete study for our country, for trauma in general, and in particular BAT identifying she bears in all its phases.

Material and methods; The study combined character (prospective and retrospective) and unicentric is performed within the time period December 2009 to December 2011. Ne our study included 255 patients who were presented in UCMH, NTC in Tirana. The sample population was selected at random posture without any restriction study. For this reason, we relied on several points which would make it easier and more significant than our study: Analysis of data; Data (variables) are presented discretely in absolute value and percentage. To see the relationship between two variables the correlation coefficient was used forLOS Kendal's Tau. To analyze the dependence of the dependent variable versus independent linear regression was used. The data were presented through tables and charts of different types. Was considered significant p values <0.05 (or 5%). For data analysis, the statistical package SPSS was used 10.0 and Microsoft Excel

Results; Through the coefficient of correlation of Kendal's seen that there is a difference statistically significant between the mode of transport and the state of the patient in admission (r = 0199, n = 254, p = 0.001), type of trauma, and mode of treatment (r = 0301, n = 254, p <0.001) Through the coefficient of correlation of Kendal's tau is seen that there is a difference statistically significant between the ISS and complications (r = 0254, n = 254, p <0.001), between the ISS form of treatment (r = 0318, n = 254, p <0.001 ), between the ISS and LOS r = 0279, n = 254, p <0.001), between the ISS and the mode of transport (r = 0190, n = 254, p = 0.001) and between ISS and the incoming state (r = 0338 , n = 254, p <0.001). While not found a statistically significant link between the ISS and the type of trauma (r = 0012, n = 254, p = 0836). People who have higher ISS are treated with more surgery, so there is a link statistically important, and positive between ISS and form of treatment (coefficient of Kendal's correlation: r = 0318, n = 251, p <0.001). Through the coefficient of correlation of Kendal's seen that there is a difference statistically significant between the complications and time of submission (r = 0166, n = 254, p = 0005), between complications and ISS (r = 0253, n = 254, p <0.001 ).

Conclusions; Abdominal trauma is under the Species polytrauma as the leading cause of early deaths and ranked second after the numbers of AIDS deaths. Men are more favored to do trauma in general, which relates to their active participation in productive activities, making them more prone to trauma. The course of treatment of trauma has a close relation; to the type of trauma (trauma mechanism), the methods of transport, time of presentation to the hospital, the state of PT in admission; performance examinations; the gravity of injuries, treatment mode; isolated or combined BAT; time of Surgery; the number of injured organs, presence extra-abdominal of organ injured; sort of surgery; postoperative complications;

Keywords: Abdominal Trauma, Blunt Trauma, Management, Injury,