Introduction: There are a number of studies that clearly demonstrate the fundamental need for recognition of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) among emergency physicians and other specialties, to assess its value in trauma management and to identify areas in flow that may have been revised or updated. The survey was created and completed by doctors before and after the ATLS course. Of all the course participants, there were general practitioners, four family doctors, surgeons, internists, and emergency physicians. All groups found the ATLS useful and relevant and reported few deviations from their previous management of acute trauma. Ambiguous topics identified were airway trauma, spine and burns/cold injuries for emergency physicians, head trauma, abdomen, and pediatric age, in pregnant women, or in the elderly... ATLS is useful for emergency medical practitioners actively involved in trauma care. The knowledge gained, from the point of view of the emergency doctor, includes the evaluation of the traumatized patient according to the ATLS criteria, being in the same line as all colleagues around the world.

Conclusions: It is highly recommended that ATLS courses should be taught to all doctors who are involved in the management of multiple trauma patients. Future studies are required to properly evaluate the impact of ATLS training on trauma death rates and disability.

Keywords: Trauma, training, ATLS course, Education, Management