Introduction; For more than 30 years, following the changes that took place in Albania in 1992, we receive information from trauma patients in the media about the delivery of trauma services. Police records are worthy of a war balance report. Trauma is estimated to be the cause of death in 13.7% / of 100,000 people. Every two days three Albanian Citizens die because of Motor Vehicle Accidents… Changes have already taken place, but the question arises, who cares about the trauma and its management? 

The trauma service delivery is now evolving along the lines of a central and spoken model with a concentration of expertise and specialization in the center surrounded by smaller units that feed from the center. The study showed a 19% increase in the chances of survival since the introduction of these changes. Another 1,600 trauma victims are alive today due to developments in the administration of trauma patients in England over the past six years.

In this system or mode of organizing what is today the NCME or organizing the transport of traumatized from the scene to the University Hospital of Trauma... by medical staff who have done a substantial part of the PHTLS® course ... How is the educational status of personal in other regions far from Capital? 

ATLS® student courses in our country have been implemented by a few individuals… ASTES, by default rules, has acquired the right to organize ATLS® in Albania, and now we are very close to organizing the ATLS® inaugural course in Albania (01-05 November 2021), but without the help and contribution of all (with participation, moral support and financial), we are very far from it, 2 months can be another 200 months waiting for the realization of the best World Trauma Management Course, ATLS® Course .., but now as ATLS® Albania ...

Keywords: Trauma, Management, ATLS® course Albania, ASTES provider, education